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Evangeline Barbour
Hello and welcome!
I’m Evangeline, (Eve for short) and I am the owner and senior designer of Evangeline Barbour Designs… but I’m sure you have figured that out already.
I am a graphic and web designer who believes the foundation to every great business is their branding and presentation to the world. I also strive to empower my clients to feel confident in making day-to-day moves necessary for their online success.
With over 15 years experience, my background includes design, visual communication, the arts and business. Evangeline Barbour Designs is also a NYS certified W/MBE (Women and Minority Business Enterprise), and certified DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise).
Being based in Buffalo, New York, I live and work in the heart of the art district, which is a phenomenal experience to share with my son, and of course, my two cats- Frik and Frak.
Now that you have learned all about me, use the menu on the left to see how we combine artistry, technology and education, to help move your business forward.


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We love it when our clients look fabulous.

Listening to our clients, working with them to problem-solve and creating an expedited solution is our first priority. Here are our most recent projects.

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  Many businesses go through different phases of their growth. From the most common, the start up venture- to an already established business that wants to further develop their branding to increase sales. And then of course, then you have the businesses that have been around a while who are ready for a fresh jumpstart to reach new markets. Whatever phase you are in, we have packages and custom quotes that can match exactly what you need.

Phase 1

  • The basics to get you started.
  • 30 minute consult
    logo design
    business card
    style guide
    one page web site

Phase 2

  • Let's really make a statement.
  • 30 minute consult
    logo design
    business card
    style guide
    social media
    five page web site

Phase 3

  • Time to put a new spin on things.
  • 60 minute consult
    logo design
    business card
    style guide
    email blast
    social media
    unlimited page site


Helpful information you can apply.

The Two-Step: Know Who Your Customer Is

  Sometimes you have to take two steps back to make that step forward. When your gut is telling you that something isn’t right TRUST IT. As an independent business owner, I can tell you that everyone is always looking for the “hook up” Why? Is it because I am the boss, a friend, a […]


Little things to make your life easier

We are always looking for the HOW right?
  • How do we find high quality photographs?
  • How do we get quality printing?
  • How do we have well- written copy on our marketing materials?
From products that we like, to products that we love so much we are affiliated with, you will find a comprehensive guide to each. We also have resources via worksheets, ebooks, and videos that provide you with various insights on the "how" of things. Whether is be a website layout guide, to a step-by-step process to properly label your website pictures, or just how to convey your ideas to a professional designer this section will give you the inside scoop.  Get started here.


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