The Two-Step: Know Who Your Customer Is

  Sometimes you have to take two steps back to make that step forward. When your gut is telling you that something isn’t right TRUST IT. As an independent business owner, I can tell you that everyone is always looking for the “hook up” Why? Is it because I am the boss, a friend, a […]

What Image File Type Should I Use?

  If you are just starting out in graphic design, or are an avid DIYer the world of graphic file types can be a little daunting to say the least. You up load a graphic as a jpeg and it looks pixelated or “fuzzy” you send your logo in a png format and they are […]

Working from Home- Is the Grass Greener?

  Ah… the dream of working from home. Is it truly a dream? Sure being able to work in your pjs or at any time of the day, even doing a little bit of laundry while you are working on that order could seem like a piece of heaven. This would especially look promising to […]