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What is an online e commerce store?

An online e commerce store is an opportunity to sell your products without having to worry about overhead and maintaining a brick and mortar establishment. It is perfect for business just starting out, and larger companies who want to broaden their market. You can either create an entire e commerce website, or simply add an additional online store to your already existing website.


Why do I need one?

If your business is selling products, an online store also provides customers the opportunity to have instant access through their computers and mobile devices.

More features for e commerce sites/ online stores are:

• Dedicated IP Address

• SSL Certificate

• Real-time credit card processing

• Flexible inventory & shipping options

• Industry-leading reliability & security



Each e commerce website design service gives you:

(click each feature for a detailed description)

All our designs are either custom-made. Every design is tweaked and molded to provide an originality that each client can call their own.

Functionality is a number one priority. A website cannot be a tool if it isn’t useful.

CMS (Content Management System)-Want to update your content and images? No problem. Utilizing WordPress as our CMS (Content Management System) for its ease in navigation, (not to mention being user-friendly in general) the goal is to make our clients comfortable and confident in their website maintenance.

Quality Code-All of our websites are coded with standards-compliance XHTML/CSS.

So now that you are online, you want people to find you right? We add basic SEO to every website to help with that.

More and more people are accessing the internet via their android, iphone, or ipad. You can have your website optimized so that it’s easily viewed on most platforms.

What are they?

• Domain  = The “www.” name you create and purchase(for a yearly fee) that allows people to find you.

• Hosting = The service that allows your website to be viewable on that domain name; it’s like renting web space.

The very first thing you need for a website is a domain and hosting company. We are now offering domain registration, web hosting and most importantly email to add the level of professionalism to your business.

Please click the link below for more information:

web hosting

You may also want:

(click each feature for a detailed description)

Don’t want to have to touch your site for changes or updates? We offer a very reasonable package for site maintenance that allows you a number of changes per month, and a monthly report of how your site is being viewed on the internet. This package also includes a monthly “check up” to see if everything is running properly and taking care of an spam related content that might slipped through the ranks.

Through our one-on-one training packages our clients have the ability to update their website at their leisure. Not everyone’s website is the same, and well let’s just face it- reading manuals can be frustrating and time consuming. Aside from the hour tutorial that is provided with Ecommerce, Advanced, and Basic package purchase, additional tutorial time can be of great benefit to assure that you are retaining all of the information you need to successfully maintain your website.

Already have a website? Wondering what is a blog and why it is so important? A blog is a public forum for your thoughts, inspirations, information… and most importantly being relevant to the wide world internet. When used in business, a blog builds trust- helping you to develop better customer relationships. A blog also compliments and builds your branding, and is optimal for organic search engine efforts (driving traffic to your website).



E Commerce Website

  • 30 Hours
  • Unlimited Pages
  • CMS Configuration
  • Custom Graphics
  • Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Integration
  • Two Plugin Features 
  • Ecommerce shop
  • Upload of 20 items
  • Pay Pal Incorporation
  • One Hour Tutorial


  • 15 Hours
  • Initial Storefront Page
  • CMS Configuration
  • Custom Graphics
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google Analytics
  • Ecommerce shop
  • Upload of 20 items
  • Pay Pal Incorporation
  • One Hour Tutorial

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