Frequently Asked Questions

How much it is to get my project printed?

I will provide you with an estimate of the job, based on how many you want printed, and what type of quality. I’ll always have recommendations but the choice ultimately is yours.


How much does a website cost?

The price depends on what you need your website to do.


How long does it take for my website to be completed?

Then length of time varies with each featured package. There may be some individual needs that will require extra time to configure, or a client may have everything in order and be very decisive on what they want. The timeline usually is anywhere from 7 days to 4 weeks. (Be sure to discuss any time constraints or requirements during our initial meeting).


Why is my website not showing up in the search engines?

It can take the search engines up to 30 days to find and start fully indexing your website.


Can I see how many visitors I’ve had to my website?

Check with the web hosting company you’ve signed up with. They  provide a control panel that gives you full statistics on daily, monthly and yearly site visits. Google also provides a free comprehensive service called Google Analytics that allows you to track your website statistics. Have more questions? Don’t forget to ask at our meeting.


What does CMS stand for?

CMS means Content Management System. It’s a system that is built into your website to allow you, the website owner, to login to a private administration panel and update the website on your own. There is no coding knowledge needed.


How do I update my website?

There are two options for updating your website: 1) Choose a package and pay a Web Programmer their hourly fee whenever you want your site updated or 2) Get a CMS integrated into your site. CMS stands for Content Management System, and allows you to add/edit/delete images and content on your site.


What if you have a really small budget?

I understand that small budgets are a reality, that is why we have developed our packages for different clients levels, based on needs, as well as budgets.


What is your hourly rate?



How long have you been designing?

Over 10 years, starting out in prepress (with a print shop) and then I served in the corporate sector for a while before the opportunity to have my very own business presented itself.